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11. Panzer Corps


Panzer Corps Official Trailer

Number 11 on our list is Panzer Corps, a turn-based strategy game. This game is on our list because of its brilliant simplicity. Set on a hex-shaped battlefield and during World War II, players face off against each other in an attempt to complete their objective in a set number of turns. Because Panzer Corps doesn’t have complicated menus or instructions, players will have to rely on their ability to quickly strategize.

Ahh, the U.S.A. Always overdoing it with their military expenses.

With so many units in the game, and with each having their own set of unique skills, players could spend hours playing this game. Panzer Corps can also be played on varying degrees of difficulty because instead of having a hard/normal/easy mode, there is a sliding bar instead. Terrain and weather will change as you fight and ransack various countries, which means players must be ready to quickly change their tactics and strategies.

The dry, sandy terrain means a lot of sand in your soldiers’ boots.

Panzer Corps also gives players the option to play as Germany or any of the Western Allies, adding various new campaigns and fresh challenges. If you haven’t played Panzer Corps before, try it! We’ll see you in a few hundred hours.

Panzer Corps Gameplay

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