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Time to crack zombie skulls!
Time to crack zombie skulls!

19. Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 01

Teens, this is how you look like at a Justin Bieber concert

To be released in 2016 is Dead Island 2, a first-person action and survival horror game set in the massive open worlds of sunny California.

If it’s anything like its predecessor, you’ll be killing various types of ghouls, from the shambling undead to those annoying sprinter-types that’ll chase you at full tilt upon seeing you. While you’ll get to empty gun cartridges on zombie hordes, the game will focus on melee combat. It’ll also feature an RPG-style level progression that’ll reward you with experience points for every quest resolved, which in turn will allow you to upgrade your skills.

Expect fast action, and horror that jumps at you with the ferocity of a zombie shark. One of the best zombie games to play in 2016!

Dead Island 2 02

"I'm the Juggernaut, b#tch!"

Dead Island 2 03

Is that a zombie car??

18. State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

State of Decay 01

Mama always told me never to pick up hitchhikers

A third person action game set in a dynamic open world, State of Decay combines survival horror, stealth, and social simulation elements in one grim package. And it throws not just swarms of man-eating undead at you, but every other problem you can expect from living in the zombie apocalypse.

How well you lead your group determines whether you become zombie food or not. Survival isn’t just about killing zombies; there are supermarkets to loot, survivors to trade with, and your own base to develop. If you like your zombie games as challenging as they are authentic, check this out!

State of Decay 02

Come on baby light my fire

State of Decay 03

Too lazy to go running in the morning? Here, have some motivation!

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