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Time to crack zombie skulls!
Time to crack zombie skulls!

3. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid 01

Here comes the horde...

The isometric Project Zomboid offers an enormous sandbox world, multiplayer, scavenging and crafting, shelter-building, and of course, armies of the undead.

Players have to deal with more than just zombies; there’s hunger, illness, depression, and even boredom to worry about. There’s weather and a day-night cycle. Nature constantly seeks to reclaim what humanity has taken from it. You can farm, fish, trap animals, do carpentry, and customize your character. And that’s just a fraction of what the game has in store for you.

As for the zombies, you can either confront them head-on, or do the smarter thing and hide.

One of the most suspenseful and authentic zombie games ever.

Project Zomboid 02

In case our predicament wasn't that obvious, we spelled it out for you

Project Zomboid 03

The all-new Diner Dash

2. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 01

Firing squad

First-person shooter Left 4 Dead 2 returns with its predecessor’s simple yet effective formula, which can be summed up as “four survivors vs. hordes upon hordes of undead.”

The game is all about teamwork, because you have to admit – when faced with an army of running, jumping, and occasionally exploding corpses, it doesn’t make much sense to go solo. Be cautious when raining bullets down on zombies though, as you can accidentally hit your mates.

There are several types of zombies, from agile Hunters to the corpulent Boomers that spray bile and explode upon death. Thankfully, you’ve got a plethora of weapons to waste these monsters with.

The game also procedurally spawns enemies and items, so no two games are ever the same. It also means you’ll never really know what’s lurking around the corner, making for some truly frightening moments.

Left 4 Dead 2 02

A whole lot of dead bodies

Left 4 Dead 2 03

Zombies don't come any weirder

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