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Horror Movies That Give Us Nightmares
Films to make your stomach heave!

8) Jacob’s Ladder

Vietnam veteran Jacob Singer finds himself stuck in a low-paying job, estranged from his wife, and plagued with traumatic memories and hallucinations. As his world collapses into a sea of madness, Jacob struggles to discover the truth behind his torment.

The abject brutality of the Vietnam War fueled some of America’s darkest and most emotional art. Jacob’s Ladder reads like a surrealist portrait of human trauma. Watching it is like watching a tongue probe the ragged hole where a tooth used to be. In building a whole world around the psychic suffering of its protagonist, Jacob’s Ladder went on to inspire countless other successful horror franchises - not least Silent Hill, which produced one of the greatest horror experiences ever to be delivered through an interactive medium.

Fun fact: this image was banned from my mind because my brain hurts when I look at it.

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