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And that's just the first boss.

13. Undertale (2015)

Brief look at Undertale

Undertale is a game where your choices actually matter, and not in some arbitrary paragon/renegade way. It’s a retro pixel RPG adventure where the player controls a human child who has fallen into a secret world under the surface of the Earth, inhabited entirely by monsters, whom the player meets in his/her quest to return to the surface. Uniquely, it is entirely possible to take a completely pacifist route through the game. That’s right; you don’t have to kill a single monster, and many would argue that that’s the way the game is meant to be played. It feels like an old-school Zelda or FF games, complete with puzzles and random encounters. The big selling point is the story and the real impact that player choices have. Also cow mom.

What're you gonna choose?

This seems pretty peaceful. Maybe I'll just stay here for a while.

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