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Prepare for adventure and high sea battles in these pirate games.

14) Pirate101 (2012)

A great experience for kids and adults alike.

Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment


Theme: Pirates for all ages

KingIsle Entertainment is notoriously known for creating great games for younger children. Their game Pirate101 fits into out Pirate Online Game theme. It opens them up to a world of swashbuckling pirates, shiny treasure, and epic battles. Pirate101 is like most other pirate based games on the market. You become a captain and create your own ship. In order to sail the ship you will need to recruit and train a crew. And, of course, your main goal is conquer and hoard as much treasure as possible. Defeat your enemies by creating fleets/alliances with friends and family. Oh, and one last thing. Since water can be a bit boring after a while…the ships in Pirate101 fly. Yes, you read correctly. They fly.

Steer a ship right through the clouds for some epic sky battles and exploration.

Be careful when searching for treasure, because traps are set to punish those who try to steal. But what can you do, it’s a pirates way of living.

13) Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships (2009)

I think it’s time you took a vacation to the beautiful Caribbean beaches.

Developer: Akella, Sweaward.RU Team

Genre: RPG

Theme: Exploring Pirates

In Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships you start off with an option to join a navy (Englands, France, Netherlands, or Spain) and a choice of 1 out of 3 classes. The classes are: merchant, corsair, and adventurer. Your story and abilities are dependent on what class you choose. You will have to buy or capture ships in order to sail in real-time, and complete a straight forward quest line to really unlock all the content in this rpg.

Take voyage on a grand ship in real-time as you become the best pirate in all of history.

Age of Pirates 2 has a system of attributes (7 to be exact) that spell out the word Pirate. This way it’s easy to remember, and fits with our theme. So you must improve your power, insight, reaction, authority, talent, endurance, and success in order to become the best pirate possible. To me those all sound like they make a perfect combination. So if you want to explore the beautiful Caribbean, plunder enemy ships out at sea, and gear up your fierce pirate then pick up Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships.

Be careful not to be a part of the interesting places you will explore. One false step and maybe your ship is added to this graveyard.

12) East India Company (2009)

Be a part of history when you play the real time strategy game, East India Company.

Developer: Nitro Games

Genre: Real Time Strategy / RPG

Theme: Conquer/ Trading Empire

The PC game East India Company is based off of our world history when exploring and conquering different lands was the go to means of profit.  Since the game follows a real time strategy, your fleet or land base are in danger at all times. There are 11 different ships in the East India Company’s disposal with the means to help you become successful as a mogul of the trading industry, or a fearsome pirate laying waste to the seas. Some sense of strategy is needed if you truly want to be successful in this wartime themed game. For example, you can decide to be a free agent or join one of the eight nations hiring in this single or multiplayer game. Being a free agent may open up a lot of opportunities that wouldn’t have been available. However, joining a nation’s faction will also have tis rewards and perks, like special missions.

There’s a diverse and open market for you to take control of in the East India Company RPG.

If you are looking for a game to kill some spare time, the East India Company pc game is a good option. It’s a new world ready for the taking, and there’s a spot for you.

Steer grand ships in the name of your country, and in the name of the crown. You can help decide the role your nation plays in the conquering of India.

11) Risen 2: Dark Waters (2010)

You got your supernatural all up in my pirate business and I’m surprisingly okay with it.

Developer: Piranha Bytes

Genre: RPG

Theme: Monsters and Pirates

Set in a fantasy filled region resembling the Caribbean, Risen 2 follows the story of a hero who is a member of the Inquisition, a group pressed into action by the warring of two ancient gods. If one god falls, the other will surely turn their attention to you (not a good idea). All of this takes place in a grim and gritty world, suffering from a rampant lack of heroes and decency. Trading in the theme of high fantasy from the first game, Risen 2 throws you headlong into a world full of cutlass, muskets, and fancy coats instead of armor.

Not pictured: Hero’s brass balls. That thing has armor bigger than his body.

Piranha Bytes’ resume includes the Gothic series, which were notable for their massive open worlds and a complete and utter lack of hand-holding in progression. The same feature is here, you enter a world where exploration is actively rewarded. Venturing into deep caves in order to grab treasure and fight exciting monsters will leave you with the sense that you’d better not leave any stone unturned, and it’s a bit tighter than the Gothic games where it was perfectly normal to just wander off into the woods and become completely isolated and lost.

Combat your enemies with sword and pistol, engage at a distance with simple muskets, or destroy them with dark voodoo magic. The combat system gains depth as your hero gains in power, and you’ll never be short of something to do in this expansive game.

10) Assassin’s Creed IV: The Black Flag (2013)

So much yes, so little time.

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Genre: Action

Theme: Assassins and Piracy

In Assassin’s Creed IV: The Black Flag, you take are Edward Kenway, an Assassin trained pirate captain about to embark on a marvelous adventure. Unlike previous installments in the series you will need to improve your ship as well as your weapons as you progress in the game, forging onwards through his memories. As always the relationship between the Templars and Assassins will make things ever so complicated.

I cannot describe the amount of things just right in this picture.

Guide Kenway and his ship the Jackdaw through the early 1700’s in the Caribbean while encountering historical figures like Blackbeard and Calico Jack. Engage in combat and intrigue and continue on your fated path, with flashes to the present as well. If there was just one thing that the Assassin’s Creed series could have used to make it more engaging… well, I’d say pirates is probably that thing.

An open world, a beautiful representation of the Caribbean and acrobatic combat all point to this being a fascinating and engaging dive into the deep end of action piracy. Also, there’s literal diving, and sharks, I feel I should mention that.

9) Windward (2015)

Top down action adventure in a randomly generated realm.

Developer: Tasharen Entertainment, Inc.

Genre: Co-op Action Adventure RPG

Theme: Procedurally Generated Piracy

Step into a new level of looting and pillaging alongside your friends, in Windward the world is procedurally generated which means that no two worlds will be alike. You can design your own custom faction before you proceed to enter the world and engage in your nautical misadventures.

Also, zeppelins, it should be noted there zeppelins.

What this means is that you can engage a random world with your friends. The game features lush graphics and destructible terrain. Assault towns and loot enemy ships, the game will get more and more difficult as you expand from your starting point.

Apart from the random world creation, what makes this game truly unique is the enemy AI. They aren’t all seeing and all knowing, instead they will be forced to abide by the same rules as you and your friends, with limited sight ranges and having to explore on their own. You can build up a reputation and watch your enemies flee before you, or team up with those who consider you friends and utilize them to help further your own ends. Endless adventure awaits, and truly with a random world and unique systems, it will be a long time before the replay value runs out on this adventure.

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