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Scars on a face so beautiful looks like jewelry forged from experience

30. Chronos

Is that a labyrinth or a man?

Chronos is an atmospheric RPG, in which the protagonist must save his home from a great evil. The game is stunningly designed and seems enthralling. The story revolves around “the hero” who must save his home from evil and the secret to saving home is an ancient labyrinth. This labyrinth was designed to only open once a year. It is actually a test and if the hero fails he`ll have to wait another year to return and try again.Official trailer :

Gameplay trailer :

Release date : TBA 2016


29. The Technomancer

Is it me – or this place looks like a dump?

The Technomancer is a sci-fi based action RPG. But unlike other RPGs on this list, this one has a lot to offer. The game is set in the war of water, 200 years after men colonized Mars. You will play as a rookie technomancer who is running from secret police. There are 5 alternate endings. There is also technomancy (obviously), i.e magic using technology.

Cinematic Trailer :

Gameplay trailer :

Release Date : June 21, 2016


28. Paragon

When the beauty of nature meets modern graphics

Paragon is a MOBA from Epic Games. The game features online battles between two teams of 5 players. Each team must start from one end of the world and travel all the way to the other end to destroy opponents core.

There are 17 heroes to choose from, that range from offensive to support heroes. Each hero has 4 abilities, one of which is his ultimate attack. For more info on heroes refer to the following site


Cinematic Trailer :

Gameplay footage : 

Release Date : TBA 2016


27. Ashes of Singularity

So, which spaceship are you on?

Ashes of Singularity is one of the best strategy games recently released. It is a sci-fi RTS game featuring planetary warfare on a massive scale. The game promises huge open environments for enormous battles with thousands of units on the map at the same time, along with the best AI in a strategy game in a long time.Trailer :

Gameplay  :

Release Date : 31 March, 2016

26. The Division

We are the survivors and the saviors

The division is one of the major projects from Ubisoft in 2016. This game gives players an online open world where a virus has caused widespread panic and chaos. The game takes place in a dystopian New York city and the player is a member of a special forces team named “The Division”. It`s now up to the division to restore the city to its original state. Cinematic Trailer :

Gameplay :

Release Date : March 8,2016


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