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Chaos Space Marines
Greetings mortal. You must be blessed by the four gods of Chaos, because now you are to witness the magnificence of the Warp


21) A Black Crusade is an incursion that is formed by united Chaos forces under the command of a particular strong Chaos Champion and go en masse to wage war against the Imperium

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22) The Blood Disciples were once a loyal company of space marines, but a heretic known as the Red Prophet, tainted them with his own cursed blood and turned them into Khorne followers


23) It is said that a mysterious alien organization known as The Cabal, convinced Alpharius, primarch of the Alpha Legion, to betray the Emperor


24) Chaos Marines still use gene-seeds to create new marines, but they use a more cruel and perverted process to refill their ranks


25) By the end of the 41 millennium, the Black Legion is the most powerful of the traitor legions, in part thanks to their policy to accept any renegade war band into their ranks

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26) Typhus, former captain of the Death Guard, became the host of the dreaded Destroyer Plague


27) The Desolate Brotherhood suffered the degradation of their gene-seed. More and more they were assigned dangerous, almost suicidal missions. Each time they thought they had won reprieve, they only received another hazardous mission. Finally they swore allegiance to the gods of Chaos


28) Many of the Thousand Sons became empty carcasses and living armor automatons after Ahriman used a powerful spell, ironically, trying to protect their humanity


29) Even before the Horus Heresy, the World Eaters were merciless bloodthirsty hand to hand combatants



30) Ahriman was the post powerful psyker of the Thousand Sons, only after Magnus the Red himself

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