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17). Block and Load

Block N Load - Free to Play Trailer

Developer: Jagex Games Studio

Genre: Action, Strategy, Sandbox

Themes: Block-building, block-destroying, block-killing

Not only reflexes and trigger happy fingers win a match. You’ve got to plan out, build and expect the unexpected. That’s the driving force behind Block and Load, where every block counts, and every time you play you’ll construct a different death trap for your enemies.

And then you’ll proceed to shoot them too, for good measure.

Divided into two teams, player must choose one of the different characters, each with a specific role, to take on the enemy base and destroy anyone who dares stand in your way. Here’s the catch, though: each round starts with both teams unable to engage in combat, so you’ll have to mount your base defenses instead. Each character has a different block available to him or her, so maybe you’ll use pressure plates, catapult blocks, electric traps, or whatever you and your teammates have at hand to build and plan. After the preparation phase is done, it is combat time! So grab your weapons, kill the opposition, and try not to die when you face the enemy traps.

Pro tip: Red beam is hot, blue is not. I just saved your life.

With its silly graphics, characters who own their existence to a pun or reference to another character, and a meticulous planning stage followed by sheer carnage, Block N’ Load will have you building murderous traps for hours on end.

Quinny Plays... Block N Load | (No Commentary)

16). APB Reloaded

APB Reloaded Trailer

Developer: K2 Network

Genre: Action shooter

Themes: Street gunfights

In the conflictive streets of San Paro, a street war has been waging from quite some time. On one hand, criminals look to free themselves from the cumbersome law, and on the other, enforcers are fed up and will stop crime with whatever means necessary. Choose a side and let the bullets fly.

You know that policeman is gangsta because he is holding his gun sideways.

With a usual faction against faction gameplay, players are thrown into the fray with a specific objective to accomplish, such as capturing the enemy flag or having a target to kill or protect. What makes it unique, though, is the open world urban environment filled with vehicles and buildings, where you can find either cover or deadly weapons to arise victorious.

Good thing I’m good at killing enemies, because I’m a lousy graffiti artist.

Progression is measured by how much money you can mug from other players (yes, really) to buy more stuff, your standing with your fellow faction members and your own rank in the faction. So let’s rack up the body count, and teach these punks who’s the real owner of San Paro.

On a side note, the official Youtube channel has this weird live-action trailers that are fun to watch. So check them out, if you like.

APB Reloaded gameplay( FREE TO PLAY )

15). Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm™ Cinematic Trailer

Developer: Blizzard entertainment

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Themes: Fighting heroes from Blizzard roster.

The newest of the big-shot MOBAs, Heroes of the Storm takes characters from every game of Blizzard (Warcraft, Overwatch, etcetera) and pits them in a battle for supremacy, where two teams will fiercely compete and try to eliminate each other.

“Pew pew” sounds are entirely optional, but don’t get mad if I can’t help myself.

We have the traditional elements of a MOBA: two teams with heroes that must destroy the other team’s base, while getting stopped/annoyed by creeps, turrets and enemy heroes. The thing is that the “team” part is more important than ever. Instead of leveling each hero individually, teams level up together. Also, you don’t have an in-game shop, so no stressing out because you don’t know what boots you need.

You can instead just rock on, like that fellow over there.

Last but not least, you do have a spin on the classical MOBA stages, as each one of the different maps has an additional objective that is not required to win, but will help your team a great deal. Maybe you have to collect gold in order to bribe a ghost pirate into shooting at the enemy’s structures. This is Blizzard taken a known concept and making it more accessible, as they also did with Hearthstone (more on that later). This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any depth, as it can get quite complicated and competitive in ranked matches. However, with its easy to play and hard to master attitude, this should provide a good introduction to anyone who is itching for a fun MOBA to play.

Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) - Tracer, Aoe Melee (HoTs Quick Match)

14). TERA

TERA: The #1 MMORPG on Steam

Developer: BlueHole Inc.


Genre: Fantasy, swords and magic.

You like MMORPGs, but have also a place in your heart for action-based games? Well, Tera is this and more, as you create a unique character in a world full of magic, ridiculously big weapons and huge monsters.

Say again, which head am I supposed to target?

Instead of  auto-targeting (as in letting the character’s AI target lock for you, and just limiting yourself to use the TAB key to change targets), Tera’s combat is fast paced and in real time, so no turns nor clicking on opponents. You’ll have to aim and attack, dodge and run, kiting through the battlefield and using a cross-hair to gauge if your attack will connect or not. Of course, the game also has the usual MMORPG features that will make you stop once in a while from your senseless slaughter, giving you the option of fulfilling quests, crafting new and shiny gear, or challenging other players to battle.

How do you kill such an enormous beast, you ask? With an even bigger weapon, of course.

With designs that scream “fantasy gear” but still retain an original and distinctive look, well crafted environments and an ever-growing community, Tera might just be the game for you. Be it solo or in a party, you’ll face giant monsters that will make you feel like a true warrior.

Tera- Timescape Final Boss HD

13). Pokémon TCG

Major Updates for the Pokémon TCG Online!

Developer: The Pokémon Company

Genre: Strategy

Themes: Creatures battling, kid friendly

For anyone who remembers playing in the schoolyard with Pokémon cards, this will be a nostalgia trip. For everyone else: it’s Pokémon in card form: you are a Trainer of colorful and fantastic creatures that you use to battle other trainers (to the irritation of Animal Protection Organizations everywhere, I’m sure), looking to become the best Pokémon trainer ever. So what are we waiting for?

Come on, tell me you’re not excited with the sheer amount of Pokémons available.

Much like the physical version, you are able to build your deck with cards that represent Pokémon, items and power-ups that will give you an advantage during battle. Each Pokémon has a type (water, grass, earth, electric, etc.) with strengths and weaknesses, and many have evolutions, which are upgraded versions of the creatures that are played on top of the base Pokémon cards. Drawing heavily from the expansive list of Pokémon featured in the other games of the franchise, this in one title you cannot criticize for having few characters.

Mega Houndoom is an armored fire-breathing Rottweiler. Why aren’t you playing yet?

With all the more serious and dramatic entries of the list, it is quite enjoyable to find such kiddy charm in one of the old time favorites of Nintendo. Be it against the computer or another human player, with your PC or Android device, you will find battles to be fun and addictive, as you do your best to power up your little critter into the ultimate and most powerful being. So, you know what they say about collectible cards: gotta catch ‘em all.


12). The Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online - The Ultimate Adventure.

Developer: Turbine, Inc.


Themes: Fantasy, Lord of the Rings legendarium

Based on the work of acclaimed J. R. R. Tolkien, this title gives you the opportunity to get involved in the events of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with a unique and custom character, while you aid the fellowship against the Dark Lord and his forces, by battling foes and doing some occasional farming.

Your knee will suffer, fiend! Then I will go and water my crops.

Enriched by the fantastic and complex world created by Tolkien, the game tries to capture some of its spirit by calling attention to some unique aspects of the experience. Hit points, for example, are called Morale, and apart from your usual health potions and food, it can be raised by resting, playing music or straight up shouting your battle-cry. Farming is encouraged, as well (you thought it was a dumb joke, didn’t you), as it forms part of the crafting system.

There’s a certain tranquility in visiting Hobbiton. Before, you know go on with my murder spree.

The game doesn’t actually hold the rights for all of Tolkien’s legendarium (that is to say, all the things that the author created in other works of fiction), so there are some generic monsters like harpy lookalikes and random orcs. However, prominent characters of the series do appear, such as Frodo and Aragorn, as they lead you into dungeons and areas where Sauron’s minions are causing trouble. And due to the fact that we are all nice guys, PvP isn’t your traditional “stab that other guy to death”. You actually create a little monster that can fight other players in the Ettenmoors (and nowhere else), so it’s kind of a Player versus player-created Monster deal. A little weird, but quite fun.

LOTRO: Champion Gameplay 2016 - Lord of the Rings Online | 2016 Gameplay

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