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3. Wick

Wick Trailer

Any game that starts with "survive the night" is sure to deliver the creeps. You take on the role of a teenager who has been left  blindfolded by his friends to survive in a forest haunted by lost children. Your objective is as i said to survive the night armed only with a candle.

The candle does not last however and you are forced to find more. Staying in the light is all that keeps you safe but even with it your often forced to flee from the spirits of the children. The farther you go in the game the more you learn the story of the children who haunt these woods.

Do you need help little boy? I know i do!!

Don't run out of stamina,don't run out matches and don't run out of candles! Other then that well...run. Now if you will excuse me i am gonna go light a few candles.

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