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2. Dying Light

Dying Light Trailer

What happens when Dead Island meets the world of Parkour? Something truly amazing. Dying Light is a open world survival horror game where a zombie outbreak has occurred.

Your job is to go out into the city of Harran and gather supplies left by periodic airdrops. During the day the zombies are slow and unable to follow you on top of buildings. The player must determine when to strike and when to evade,whether to stick to your main mission or investigate a survivor in need of help,as time ticks away to night.

When the sun goes down and night is upon you the zombies become much more powerful,with the ability to sprint,climb buildings, and detect you easily. You must use quick thinking and your special "Survivor Sense" to make your way past the zombies undetected.Throughout the game you will scavenge parts which will allow you to upgrade your weapons including the ability to give elemental damage such a fire,ice, and electricity.

No thanks i think i will just chill up here for a bit...enjoy the sights.

How do you say no to a flaming machete? That's right.You don't.

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