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This means war.
This means war.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified (2012)



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The bad egg of the new Call of Duty games is undeniably Black Ops: Declassified for the PlayStation Vita.

Set between the events of Black Ops and Black Ops II, Declassified jumps between several covert operations involving series mainstays Alex Mason, Frank Wood, and Jason Hudson. Unfortunately, the story is rendered an incoherent mess due to uneven progression and lack of character development. The campaign’s really short too – like an hour short.

The Vita’s touch-based controls make playing the game a headache. Add subpar enemy A.I., technical glitches, and multiplayer maps so tiny you could respawn with your face directly in front of your enemy’s submachine gun, and Declassified earns itself the monicker “one of the most embarrassing Call of Duty games ever made.”

Our rating – 1/5



(Images from Sony)

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