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warhammer games 2017
A look at some of the best Warhammer games, old and new.

3) Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade Multiplayer Gameplay

Eternal Crusade is a free-to-play action game that pits players against each other in massive battlefields, unleashing the powerful weapons and savagery of the 41st Millennium. The game has four factions to choose from, giving players access to their unique weapons and vehicles in order forge ahead through heavy ranged fire and brutal melee combat. The game features 5 classes across the factions, and offers players options to customize each to their specific playstyle.

Eternal Crusade also has a 5-player Player vs Environment game that lets players fight against hordes of Tyranids, the slavering biological horrors that seek to consume the entire galaxy. As with other Free-to-Play games, there are a number of features and items that are only available after purchasing a specific amount of in-game credits.

Eternal Crusade brings intense battles on a large multiplayer scale

With massive multiplayer battles, the fighting in Eternal Crusade is incredibly dynamic and intense.

Vehicles from the lore are made fully available.

The game offers four playable factions; Chaos, Eldar, Space Marines, and Orks. Each has their own weapons and vehicles, as well as unique options to customize player characters.

2) Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 Gameplay 

The world of Warhammer Fantasy is both dark and strange, and its many factions are in a constant life or death struggle for dominion over it. Only one thing seems to bring these ancestral rivals together, a game as violent and hard fought as the bitter conflicts that rage across the realms. That game is Bloodbowl, a name synonymous with glory and the sound of breaking bones.

Bloodbowl 2 is a turn-based sports game that combines the high fantasy setting of Warhammer Fantasy with American Football, creating a new game that requires strategy, precision, and insanity. The game provides players with a number of different factions to choose from, letting them hone their tactics in single player games or putting them to the test against others in intense multiplayer matches. Giving the grim universe of Warhammer an edge of dark humor, Bloodbowl 2 proves to be both challenging and fun.

Blood Bowl features a number of arenas featuring many of the factions from Warhammer Fantasy

Bloodbowl 2 is a fantasy sports game that combines elements of Warhammer Fantasy’s vast collection of races and factions with the gameplay of American Football. The game does a great job reflecting the fantasy world’s diversity, with a wide range of teams to play, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

One wrong move is all it takes for a player to get a mess of broken bones

The game of Bloodbowl is fast paced and violent, and one mistake can quickly see a team’s star player pulverized and maimed.

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