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Power changes everything
Power changes everything

4. Power Changes Everything Trailer

The Power Changes Everything trailer shows a little bit of everything that makes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare so astonishing: the story focusing on Jonathan Irons’ lust for power; the single player campaign containing the series’ signature cinematic scenarios; the exciting new technologies; the multiplayer mode with its varied environments and weapons; and lots of explosions.

5. Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

As exhilarating as the single player campaigns of Call of Duty games are, we can thank its robust and accessible multiplayer for the franchise’s enduring popularity.

Ever wanted to call down a barrage of missiles on your friends? In Advanced Warfare, you can do just that at the push of a button. Also at your disposal is cloaking technology, as well as a rocket booster for those higher jumps. How times have changed!

The environments are just as thrilling, including one with a tsunami slamming thousands of pounds of seawater on a beach. Oh, the delicious mayhem.

6. Live Action Trailer – “Discover Your Power”

We know the guys behind the franchise were having fun in this Call of Duty: Advancer Warfare trailer. Starring Taylor Kitsch as a fellow soldier and the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski as a goat, this live action trailer demonstrates the kind of insane, furious action we can expect from the game. Because the future of combat is all about punching doors open with your hands, seeing through walls, surviving 100-foot drops, soaring across rooftops, driving hover bikes through narrow alleyways, Superman-style super jumps, tanks with robot legs, and yes, kissing random farm animals.

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