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Power changes everything
Power changes everything

12. Exo Zombies Trailers

Exo Zombies Trailer

Exo Zombies Teaser Trailer

Exo Zombies Havoc Trailer

Exo Zombies Infection Trailer

What’s better than peppering generic soldiers and run-of-the-mill terrorists with bullets? How about shooting running, raving, ravenous zombies in the face?

When Atlas attempts to pacify a prison riot using a bioweapon, things go to hell faster than a bullet to the brain. Because we all know the track record bioweapons have in video games.

The four trailers above unveil Call of Duty: Advanced Warfares’ Exo Zombies mode, in which players assume the roles of survivors in a zombie outbreak. Unlike the regular game, however, you’re no soldier – meaning you start the game with lame knives and handguns. Looks like you’ll have to work for that Exo suit!

To complicate matters, these aren’t your regular, boring, shambling zombies – they’re Exo zombies, meaning they’re extra tough and extra ugly. Also, ever seen a zombie wearing power armor? Well, now’s your chance to see one up close!

Blending horror with fast-paced action, Exo Zombies stars big-name celebrities John Malkovich, Rose McGowan, Jon Bernthal, and Bill Paxton as the janitor, IT specialist, security guard, and executive, respectively.

If you love splattering zombie brains, you’ll love these Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailers.

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