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 Batman Arkham Knight: 10 Reasons Why You'll Love It
The Riddler is one of the villains who you'll be facing.

8. Suiting up...Batman style 

Well this armor doesn't look like tissue paper....! 

The final culminating fight to end all fights for Batman against his greatest foes needs the greatest threads: he is a multibillionare after all. Batman has always been the sharpest looking superhero: who doesn’t look good in black? The shapely abs and rubber suit also speak to us with more how shall we say.....alternative lifestyles? 

This new suit is highly anticipated and is going to be armor plated, giving extra protection from whatever Scarecrow and the hordes of thugs filling Gotham can throw at Bruce. And this time, it won't carry the same mistake of previous games where the armor looked sweet, but really it was just like wearing a cardboard box and called its level of protection "good enough". Hey, game developers, we were kids once that played with such cheap (and fun) items but we can get past that now... this game is all grown up. 

Some of the theatrics have been lost, but the cape will at last look like it might actually – with a little help from the twisting of the laws of physics – work, armored as well. The level of detail in the articulation of the full suit will make this the most realistic look in an Arkham game yet.

Pffft...Do you even lift? Or is that just "padding"....

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