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Batman Arkham Knight
Batman is back better than ever, check out how

8. Improved Combat Mechanics

It’s no great secret that one of the best things about the Batman Arkham series is its bone crunching combat, Batman is a true powerhouse when he’s taking on gangs of enemies and quite frankly they could have left it how it was and everyone would have been happy. But of course they couldn’t leave it alone and instead they’ve returned this time around with an even better combat system, I didn't think it could have been improved, but I was very much mistaken.

You're about to be in a world of hurt

Once again the combat is a mixture of stealthy takedowns and bone breaking hand to hand combat. What the developers have done here is to add more animation and more depth to Batman’s ability to take down his enemies hand to hand. Instead of a few simple counter moves they’ve given him the ability to throw his opponents face first into the concrete with enough jarring force to have the gamer wincing in sympathy, or at least they would be if they weren’t already doing the same thing to the next thug awaiting Batman’s unique brand of justice.

Everything about the combat in Batman Arkham Knight is designed to give the player the same core enjoyment they’ve come to know and love with enough new options to revamp the excitement and make Batman even more lethal than we've ever seen him before.

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