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Batman Arkham Knight
Batman is back better than ever, check out how

6. New ‘Fear’ Takedowns Look Awesome

One of the newest elements to Arkham Knights is the ‘pinball KO’ manoeuvre which allows you to take down two or three enemies in quick succession with some spectacular animations which will be sure to have the player salivating in appreciation. Who doesn’t love to watch Batman smash his through a group of thugs as if they’re mannequins? Nobody that’s who.

You're next sunshine

This new takedown mechanic is fairly automatic which can make the takedowns feel a little like you're cheating, however, the strategy and stealth needed to get the men close enough together to execute it more than makes up for the ease of the combat itself. And the beautiful cinematic takedowns are so meticulously animated and choreographed that you really cannot get tired of watching it. And let’s face it; the idea of spreading fear throughout our enemy’s minds before punches their bones into dust is just devilishly tempting.

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