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Batman Arkham Knight
Batman is back better than ever, check out how

4. More Intelligent Enemies

In the past few games Batman has sometimes felt quite overpowered, even when he was facing off against a dozen enemies at once, in Arkham Knight though Batman’s enemies give him a bit more of a challenge than he’s had before.

We're ready for the bat

First of all sneaking up to guards through floor grates is no longer a sure fire takedown manoeuvre. The enemy has now been equipped with thermal charges that they will not hesitate to throw down there to finish you off, and finish you off they most certainly will if you don’t scarper back from whence you came. This added difficulty in taking down guards means there’s an even greater need to plan your approach meticulously before you attempt its execution.

Even the slow quiet approach is no longer the certain success that it once one. You can no longer sit back and take out enemies at your own leisure as thugs will actively seek to rouse any fallen comrades, which will then alert them all to your presence in the vicinity and bring out reinforcements.

These are great new additions that not only add more difficulty to the game but also add another layer of strategy that really ups the excitement and tension.

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