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Batman Arkham Knight
Batman is back better than ever, check out how

2. Excellent Writing

All too often the focus in these kinds of articles is on gameplay and the look of the game, both of which are important of course, but if the game has a terrible plot and bad writing then even the best graphics and gameplay in the world can’t stop the game from being utter crap.

Arkham Knight is an enthralling tale

Thankfully the writing team of Sefton Hill and Paul Crocker have done a wonderful job nailing down the narrative flow in Arkham Knight. The plot is emotional and gripping, never allowing the player to feel a single moment of mediocrity or boredom. You never balk at a bad line and you never shake your head at the ridiculous reasons behind a characters actions, everyone has strong credible motives that add a sense of realism to Gotham’s beautiful world. It also makes bashing thugs around more than a brutal sidebar, it has a true sense of purpose.

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