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Batman: Arkham Knight Review. Spoiler-Free.
It isn't enough to be Batman anymore. Your friends and enemies must feel it, too.


The world's most dangerous, non-lethal man.

Batman is a hero like no other. Superpowers don't suit a fighter like him. The Dark Knight relies on his own intelligence, strategy, and technology to gain the upper hand. Batman: Arkham Knight offers the player an array of tools and abilities used to survive Gotham City. Most of the gadgets in Batman's utility belt are comebacks from previous Arkham games. For instance, the Batarangs, gas bombs, detonators, and grapple gun. However, the latest game installment includes devices of deception. One of Batman's new tricks is masking his voice to fool enemies and guards. The player, in a sense, manipulates how the enemy behaves in order to open an attack or sneak inside a location. Other tools will surprise the player, but there is the satisfaction in using them for any situation.

For the Dark Knight, the sky is the limit. The player can soar across Gotham City in greater distances than established in previous Arkham games. Grappling from building to building is still seamless and efficient for quick movement. Gears are shifted with Batman's ability to dive into a group of enemies. Above-ground movement is an endless playground which empowers the player.

The Batmobile is a powerful but faulty aspect.

One of the most hyped features of Arkham Knight is the addition of the Batmobile. For the first time in the series, players are finally able to control Batman's signature vehicle.

This monstrous, tank-like car is equipped with 'non-lethal' artillery that clears out enemies, drones, and other vehicles. The Batmobile's most impressive aspect is reliability. The simple press of a button summons the car to the player's exact location. This comes especially in handy when found in a tight spot against opponents. Once the Batmobile is called, Batman jumps inside with cinematic precision.

Press the button again and the Dark Knight is ejected into the night sky. The transitions between foot, wheels, and air are seamless and stunning. Driving the Batmobile is an alternative to simply gliding over Gotham. Both methods of transportation are effective. It is at the player's discretion to determine which way to travel is the best.

But the Batmobile is not perfect. Maneuverability becomes an issue. At first, the controls are easy enough to steer. But this is taken for granted until later levels. Game difficulty increases, exposing the faults in maneuvering the vehicle. The Batmobile does have the cool feature of scaling buildings and walls. But, at times, the Batmobile feels more of a nuisance than an asset. Certain story events must be completed with the vehicle, which isn't as easy as it sounds.

The Batmobile is a beautiful creation for Arkham Knight, but it lacks steadiness. It also tends to be an annoyance when required for certain 'side-quests'. All in all, giving players access to the Batmobile was a risky but satisfying investment for the game developers.

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