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Batman: Arkham Knight Review. Spoiler-Free.
It isn't enough to be Batman anymore. Your friends and enemies must feel it, too.


'Dual Play' switches allies between Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin.

Previous Arkham titles included Batman's allies as secondary DLC characters with respective challenge maps and story modes. In Arkham Knight, however, these characters are now featured in the main story in a combat capacity. The 'Dual Play' feature summons a playable ally to Batman's side at key moments in gameplay. Allies are also a necessity in completing certain Riddler Challenges and side-quests. Each character has a unique fighting style and capability. Players will be greatly rewarded for familiarizing themselves with Batman's allies.





Red Hood. A DLC add-on character with his own challenge maps.


Terrific voice acting. Superb writing. Unforgettable moments.

Batman: Arkham Knight has an incredibly significant place in Batman's timeline. Being the final Arkham title in Rocksteady's stead, this game offers a satisfying conclusion to the series. It is not often that a video game carries a plot with such weight on the player's mind. Arkham Knight's storyline is genuinely original and refreshing for not just the superhero genre of film, television, and gaming, but for all storytelling. The game's ending leaves behind unanswered questions, but it is compensated with both a plot twist and decent closure. The secret ending, unlocked by completing the Riddler Challenges, offers even more to the ending. Players will definitely find this rewarding.

Many familiar faces in coveted roles.

As always, the voice acting in the Arkham games is astounding. The one and only Kevin Conroy returns to the role of Batman. The impeccable supporting cast is comprised of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul's Jonathan Banks as Commissioner James Gordon, Sleepy Hollow's John Noble as the Scarecrow, and Twilight's Ashley Greene as the Oracle. Even Mark Hamill, famous for his role as the Joker, makes a small comeback in this game in a surprise role.

The writing of Arkham Knight has the pace of a detective drama with the intensity of a summer blockbuster. There is never a dull moment in the storyline. Every character is engaging and significant, adding realism and likability to gameplay. Arkham Knight has the strongest story foundation of all the Arkham titles. More will be revealed to the player than is anticipated from game writing. Players will want to share what they've learned as soon as the game ends. And Batman: Arkham Knight is certainly worth spreading the word around for.

The Verdict

Batman: Arkham Knight excels in storytelling, combat, and visuals. However, maneuverability of the Batmobile and lengthy side-quests leave a bitter taste. And because of the time-consuming story and challenges, there is little to no replay value. Even downloadable content is superfluous since the main story is already rich with activity. Nonetheless, the game is unbelievably wholesome and satisfying.

A critical aspect in choosing a game to play is relatability. Will a newcomer enjoy the third entry in a series as much as a gamer who has played from the very beginning? In the case of Arkham Knight, yes. If players wished, they could bypass the previous Arkham titles and jump straight to the latest title. Story exposition and controls instruction are provided in a cohesive and understandable manner. In other words, Batman: Arkham Knight acts as an excellent standalone game.

Fans of superhero and detective genres will feel the most rewarded after playing this game. Arkham Knight shines a flattering light on the figure known as Batman. The ending to the Arkham series is a great one to bestow on the Dark Knight and on the player. Those who have played from the beginning of the series will be pleased. Stories and characters come full circle by the end of Arkham Knight. Combat and gameplay evolve yet stay familiar. Rocksteady has delivered a milestone in gaming. Next-generation console players will feel honored by this game as one of the early masterpieces for Xbox One and PS4.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be talked about for years. It will be celebrated not just as a game, but also as the conclusion of a stunning series. The Arkham name has pleased gamers for the past six years. The latest installment, released on June 23, 2015, will not disappoint.


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