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best battleship games
Command the Heavy Firepower of the Greatest Battleships

2) Steel Ocean

Steel Ocean gameplay

World War 2 is raging across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and you must choose a warship, team up with allies, and defeat enemy teams in head-to-head action to help bring victory to your side.  In Steel Ocean, players take command of up to 100 ships from 6 categories of vessels.  Steel Ocean is team-versus-team online combat where up to 16 players in each team face off to battle.  There are literally thousands of ships battling in a huge war at sea.

Submarine Periscope View of Enemy Battleships

You can choose from submarines, cruisers, carriers and battleships, all historically accurate in detailed appearance and firepower, to use in your fleet.  Steel Ocean provides variety in its environments, so the Atlantic and Pacific theaters are complimented by such extremes as the freezing Arctic waters.  Five technology trees can be researched and developed.  By earning experience in combat, allowing players to obtain even more powerful warships.

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