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Command the Heavy Firepower of the Greatest Battleships

3) Atlantic Fleet

Atlantic Fleet Trailer (PC / Mac Edition)

The Axis of Germany and Japan have attacked and spread their forces across land and sea in an attempt to bring the entire world under their rule.  You must choose your national allegiance and either side with Germany or Japan or select the Allied side and play as American, Russian, or British.   In Atlantic Fleet, players develop warships from 60 models that represent approximately 1000 real ships from World War 2.  Three modes of play—single mission, campaign, and the massive Battle for the Atlantic Dynamic Campaign—offer quick games or longer campaigns where you battle through a series of combats to take control of strategic areas on the war map.  Realistic ships include the heavy guns of destroyers and battleships as well as submarine torpedo rooms in front and in back.

German Submarines Devastate Allied Cargo Ships

This game incorporates all the same action that took place in the historical WWII battles, including fighter planes launched from carriers, land-based artillery, and even the option to scuttle ships to keep them from falling into enemy hands.  You must choose which side to support—the Allied Forces or the Axis—and play as an officer of America, England, Germany or Japan, commanding real-history vessels in combat where you can make the difference in the war.

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