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Command the Heavy Firepower of the Greatest Battleships

6) Naval Action

Naval Action gameplay

You are commander of a battle-ready ship and hearty crew on the seas of the West Indies in the 18th century; your goal is to trade and ship goods while defending yourself against attacks by enemies such as pirates.  Naval Action, an open world based in the Pinkerton 18th century map of the West Indies, is all about battleships before they had engines.  Learn to sail the mightiest warships of the era in realistic weather conditions and utilize the cannons of the age.  Be ready when enemies fire upon you, for that cannonball doesn’t just hit and disappear: shots can damage your cannons, ricochet, destroy vital ship components like your mast and rudder, and send destructive splinters from your blasted hull through the air, ripping your crew to pieces.

Mastering Warship Sailing Includes Wind, Water, and Rocks Above and Below the Surface

This game is gorgeous, detailed, and atmospheric enough to toss you back in time three centuries.  The fights leave damage, of course, but look out for fires or running aground—the perils are many and just as deadly as any enemy cannon fire.  Naval Action incorporates commerce and trade, and you’ll need to master both the acquiring and handling of riches to build, maintain and improve your ship.  Hundreds of NPC ships occupy the sea lanes, and thousands of player-controlled vessels are actively looking for weak targets to pirate for treasure.  Your goal is to succeed where the weak fail, safely transporting your shipments and destroying pirate battleships that threaten the safety of the seas.

The Last Word

These battleship games offer something for everyone: engage the gritty detail of real, modern warships; fly battleships amongst the stars and nebulas; or escape reality in fantastical vessels that challenge deep sea monsters.  The tactics and strategies of capital ship warfare abound here, and commanders succeed by knowing how to make these massive warships achieve their full potential.  You can also have a look at the following articles for more…

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Whatever you do, spend just a few minutes on one of these incredible battleship games; you won’t be disappointed.  State-of-the-art PC gaming can put you in command of your own powerful warship or even an entire fleet.  Take aim at your enemies now.

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