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best battleship games
Command the Heavy Firepower of the Greatest Battleships

4) Battle Group 2

Battle Group 2 Gameplay Trailer

War rages across the globe between the Axis forces of Germany and Japan and the Allied forces of England, Russia, and the United States.  In Battle Group 2, you command naval warships in the Atlantic to defeat the enemy’s battleships, destroyers, submarines and other ships of war.  This top-down fleet-commanding game combines strategy, action, and shooter-style gaming in a frenzy of nautical combat.  This is a 21st-century battleship game where players command military vessels using high-tech satellite tracking to battle the increasing attacks of a global pirate navy. 

Destroy Incoming Pirate Fighters, Bombers and Missiles Quickly

Battle Group 2 starts out fast and gets faster, requiring quick reflexes and the ability to predict flight paths to shoot down enemies in the sky.  You can improve the performance of your vessel by getting better weapons and stronger armor.  You can even get a support ship that acts like a wingman.  Your main objective is to destroy the terrorist group Talon, a pirate alliance intent on spreading chaos, and only you can stop them.  

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