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Best Crafting Games
Craft, kill, survive.

10. One Hour One Life

One Hour One Life Gameplay

This unique game is another multiplayer game. It’s a game of parenting and civilization building, where you live an entire life in one hour. You’ll have babies of your own in the form of other players, so if you want to keep playing you better be cranking those babies out. While you can only do so much in one lifetime, the tech tree in the game will take a lot of your family’s generation to explore.

Crafting in One Hour One Life lets players produce tools, food, and clothing out of gathered materials. Most of the crafting is done by picking up one object and then clicking on another. The things players craft will help the villagers and player survive, as well as allow you to build a village. Unlike the other games so far, some objects in this game have a limited life span; it seems this game is all about life and death.

One Hour One Life, Crafting

You'll need to craft a house for your family to live in...for a total of one hour

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