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Best Crafting Games
Craft, kill, survive.

9. This War of Mine

This War of Mine Gameplay

This survival game is played as a group of civilians rather than just one soldier. You are trying to survive in a city that has been besieged, where you struggle with the lack of food and medicine while trying to avoid the dangerous snipers and scavengers. You can choose to try and protect everyone in your hideout or sacrifice some of them in order to ensure your survival. The main goal here, is, well, to survive.

Like most crafting games, you start out with the basic building workshop. With this workshop, you can create other work stations that make other items important to your survival. In this game, you can actually upgrade the workshops themselves which makes crafting easier. Crafting in this game is mostly beneficial to your hideout, where you craft household items. You also have to craft consumables, which is important to your survival as well.

This War of Mine, Crafting Menu

You must build up your shelter to survive

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