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multiplayer survival games
You must do anything and everything to survive the onslaught of vicious enemies circling in on you. Survival is key.

7) DayZ

“DayZ” by far is one of my favorite first person shooter survival games. The most unique and exciting thing about DayZ, is that if you die….you lose everything. If Zombies were to take over the real world, and you died in real life, there would be no going back. That’s how it works in DayZ. If you are up for the challenge will, continue reading.

Every action can cause your last, leading to the loss of everything.

The world has been taken over by this infection turning people into zombies, and you need to try and stay alive for as long as possible. Who are your enemies? Since DayZ is a horror, survival, MMO...everyone can be your enemy. Besides zombie npc’s, there are tons of other players throughout the multiple servers you can choose to play on. You could be out in search of some medicine, and run into someone else looking for it as well. Who needs it more, and who will kill for it?

Hide in the shadows and watch your prey for the perfect time to kill them.

DayZ is also known for its unique free will to players. You could handcuff an enemy player, throw them in a pit and bury them neck high, and then force feed them bleach until they die and lose everything. You can use whatever you find, even if that’s a plane, car, or tank. Customize, innovate, and most of all, kill everything that moves before they get you.

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