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Become a market mogul with the 11 Best Tycoon Games to Play in 2017!

8. Empire TV Tycoon 

Television seems an unlikely subject for a tycoon game, but reading this game’s reviews quickly shows that it is feasible. The objective of Empire TV Tycoon is to become an economic powerhouse through wise decisions in running a TV channel. Thus the content, workers, and advertisers must be carefully chosen.

What shows fit the audience? What movies will they enjoy? What actor do they want to see? These are all questions to be asked when one is trying to rise to the top.

Pick programs that audiences will enjoy

Become a filmmaker

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Progorion 2 years 3 months ago

Thanks for the nice list Christina! I really enjoyed playing Empire TV Tycoon and Game Dev Tycoon as well. But hey, it is really hard to choose the favs, when somebody is into the genre! Please let me mention my game, called Computer Tycoon! It is the first game about Computer evolution in which you start your own company back in the 70's. Some say it is the "Steve Jobs Simulator", and indeed although the game is a grand strategy and management hybrid, still you have some RPG like elements as well. :) It is currently under early access, so people still can alter its future by their opinion. I'm eager to get feedback! Have a nice day, Andris aka Progorion http://computertycoon.com

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