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Yeah… This is gonna suck…

3)  Friday the 13th: The Game

Horror tip: Never hide under the bed, it’s the first place they look.

Friday The Thirteenth is the second of three “one predator hunts many prey”-style survival horror games to be released in 2016, the first being Dead By Daylight and the third, Last Year.

Seven Camp Crystal Lake counselors have somehow managed to disturb Jason Voorhees. Yeah, they’re probably going to die horribly, but that all really depends on the player. Seven players on one side, trying to survive the night, against one player as Jason.

The counselors can either hide, try to fight, or just run. Myself, I’d probably try to fix the boat and wait it out on the lake. But ultimately it’s up to you. Meanwhile, Jason has some pretty impressive tracking abilities and even a teleport to pop up right when you think you’re safe. And once he finds you...

Friday the Thirteenth is set to be released in the Fall, my own guess is probably around Halloween.

We hope you have a wonderful summer!


Jason finds some campers for Mother.

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