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Looking forward to a crazy and violent Borderlands future
Haven't been this Giddy since I shot off a Psycho Midget's arms with a shotgun.

6. Will Our Characters get the Chance to Have a Personality?

How about we start giving them catchphrases?

When I was playing the first Borderlands as Lillith, I had her focused in fire-based damage and called her “Angel of Ash”, nothing got my inner psycho quite like hearing her laugh and going “I’m really good at this.” The thing was, it was always random what my character said. I really would enjoy being able to deliver a final insult to all the injury I do to my foes with some catch phrase that I’d be able to state at any time I wanted. You could have a few options to pick from when you’re creating your character, maybe even get the option to pick up some along the way.

These catchphrases could be fun to use outside of battle too. There could be phrases for mocking something if they goofed, complaining about someone who just keeps getting knocked out, and maybe even to mock your teammates for being too slow to get some rare guns and upgrades.

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