Borderlands 3: 10 Crazy Predictions That May Just Come True: Page 9 of 10

Looking forward to a crazy and violent Borderlands future
Haven't been this Giddy since I shot off a Psycho Midget's arms with a shotgun.

9. Replacing Claptrap with a More Motivating Character

He's the voice of reason for a new generation of Vault Hunters.

With his motivating video being shared all across our planet, Shia Laboeuf seems to be the type of motivational coach that the next generation of Pandoran heroes need to keep them going.

Did you just fail on what seems like an easy fight? Can you not figure out how to do a quest? Is your teammate taking all the best weapons? No worries player, Shia Laboeuf believes in you.  He will coach you until you can believe in yourself again. He will then give you tips to take your revenge out on your teammate. Shia-surprise!!

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