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Divinity Original Sin: Review and Gameplay
An Original RPG in the Classic Style


An entrance into the undercoft

An infernal road lies ahead.

Original Sin kicks off with a brief preamble about a town councillor’s death; a death that was apparently due to a corrupt form of magic known as “Source.” A concerned mage by the name of Arhu has summoned a pair of Source Hunters—warriors tasked with hunting down practitioners of Source magic—to get to the bottom of the murder, and to root out any “Sourcerers” they find there.

You will fill the shoes of one (or both, if you’re not playing cooperatively) of these intrepid Source Hunters as they arrive on the sun-and-blood-drenched beaches of Cyseal. Overtly, your task is to track down a murderer, but how you go about that is completely up to you. And with invading orcs arriving by the boatload—not to mention the undead hordes waiting hungrily for a Cyseal citizen to step outside of the protection of the town’s magical ballistae—there are plenty of distractions.

The hanged man

The orcish sense of humour isn't for everyone.

In Cyseal and surrounds alone you will encounter ghostly pirates, undead regents, orcs in mourning, and umpteen nefarious plots to unravel. To say more would be to ruin the surprises that wait around just about every corner, thanks to the inventive storytelling in Original Sin. Suffice it to say, though, that the murder plot which brings you to Cyseal turns out to be part of a much bigger, more sinister conspiracy that will take you much farther afield.

On your journey, you will also uncover more about the strange origins of your character, and his role in a conflict stretching back to the very inception of the universe. Yes, it's suitably epic stuff.

Players who have played the previous Divinity games will, unsurprisingly, get a lot more out of the story than newcomers, but Original Sin actually predates most of the other game in the series, with the exception of Divinity Dragon Commander. Newcomers need not fear that they will be going in without knowing a whole lot of crucial backstory.

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