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Dota 2: 10 Most Amazing Comebacks Ever
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5. Pubstack vs Prostack

A game-breaking Echo Slam by Nigma on 2:42, followed up by Mass Seprent Ward, saving those caught by SingSing.

Nigma's revenge, served cold with some jokes and big plays. Both teams relied heavily on magic damage and teamfight spells. It was easier for the Radiant, with Skywrath's early burst damage, Treant's slow and Magnus' Reverse Polarity's to get solo kills in the beginning. The Dire did not give up though. 'Never give up!' is probably the most important lesson you can learn from most pro games. 

Earthshaker's massive stuns synergized extremely well with Wall of Replica+Vacuum and Shadow Shaman's ulti, giving Phantom Assassin the chance to get near and . Always supporting and protecting each other, they managed to pull off a smooth comeback.

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