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Dota 2: 10 Most Amazing Comebacks Ever
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2. Na'Vi vs Vega

0:05, the first in the series of game-breaking Reverse Polarity's that led Na'Vi to victory. 

A long and hard game for Na'Vi. Vega, despite lacking great teamfight spells, got ahead with a 28-19 score with heavy damage dealers Leshrac and Shadow Fiend. Despite that, Na'Vi made use of the highground advantage and the element of surprise. 

In the video, we see one of the most devastating Reverse Polarity's ever, executed by Dendi, who then skewered his foes to their doom. An immediate follow-up was done by SoNNeiko, the team's guardian angel with his Winter's Curse. And of course, XBOCT, well known for his Rapier plays, just tore Vega to shreds.

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