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Dota 2: 10 Most Amazing Comebacks Ever
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1. Alliance vs Na'Vi

0:40, Alliance's ticket to victory, an amazing Dream Coil by s4. 

The best, the craziest and most famous comeback in the history of Dota 2. The International 4 Grand Finals, the clash of titans, if you will. The final match is almost even and both teams are focused on pushing. Alliance's Nature's Prophet and Io/Chaos Knight, were pushing two lanes at once while Na'Vi destroyed the middle barracks.

After getting what they wanted, Na'Vi retreated quickly to defend their base and possibly get a kill or two. They were in a rush and did not bother moving away to a safer spot before channeling their TP scrolls. And that's where s4 comes in with his million dollar Dream Coil. Not only does he disrupt the three hero's TP channel, he makes sure that the most dangerous ones have to take a long walk back to the base. Rubick and Batrider manage to teleport back, but there's literally nothing they can do to stop or even stall Alliance's relentless push.

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