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Angry he'll be outdone.

8. Smarter Companions

A friend to the end.

Let’s face it. As awesome as is having a stout friend fight alongside you, such as sworn-to-carry-your-burdens Lydia, companions in Skyrim can be mind numbingly stupid. Be it running against a rock, somersaulting into a dragon’s gaping maw, or vanishing entirely until you get a letter from an apologetic courier informing you of Lydia’s demise and the small stipend of 81 gold coins she left you in her will.

So how can companions be handled better in the next elder scrolls game? For starters, give them a smarter AI that allows them to battle in a way that’s appropriate to both your playstyle and the kind of enemy you’re fighting. Ranged attackers should know to keep their distance and dash away if they’re caught up to. And if there’s already distance between a warrior and his target, he should fight with a bow as he closes in.

When in doubt, sic your puma pal on 'em.

If an enemy is stronger, companions shouldn’t just charge in blindly shouting, “Your mother was a milk drinker!” They should employ tactics such as taking cover and using appropriate resistance spells and buffers (if they have them). Being able to teach spells or train companions in certain fields you excel at would open up what you can do with your favorite travel buddy.

Allowing the player to assign tactics to companions will ensure they will mesh with a specific playstyle. You should be able to set up your companion so that they’ll target specific enemy types (such as mages) or focus on enemies that target you. If you want a cleanup crew backing you up, you should be able to order your companion to take out the weaker enemies while you focus on the head honcho.

You’re not a babysitter. Your companions should support, not hinder you.   

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