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Angry he'll be outdone.

7. Armor and Weapon Customization Options

It's cool until you realize the guy down the street has the exact same thing.

The smithing skill isn’t all that exciting when you can pick up the exact same armor piece from a rotting bandit’s corpse. In Skyrim, the only benefits to smithing are stat upgrades and the ability to make anything without having to buy or search for it. It’s a useful skill for sure. But it could be so much more!  

The Elder Scrolls VI would be leagues better with in-depth customization options. Imagine if you could tweak and modify individual armor pieces. Mix and match sets? Dye cloth and blacken leather? No two characters would look the same!

In addition to changing your appearance, each upgrade type could have unique benefits. Pockets to increase carry weight. Fur to protect yourself against frost spells. Iron shoulder pads to up that damage resistance. A sword grip that increases swing speed. An axe edge that pierces armor. So on and so forth.

Having these options lets us be creative with our characters. And that’s exactly what RPGs are all about.  

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