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6. Enemies That Scale in Difficulty as You Level Up

"Higher levels, my precious!"

Skyrim is an amazing game, but even great things have flaws. The leveling system bogs late game experience in two ways. The first is enemies have a level cap. The second is magic spells don’t level with you.

Once you hit level 35 or so, many enemies stop leveling up. This means once you get to 40, 50, 60, and beyond, they don’t stand any sort of chance against you. Even on harder difficulties enemies become weak and boring to fight.

Mage files really took a hit in Skyrim. Not only did we lose spell crafting, we lost a lot of the oomph high-level destruction spells dished out. Since spells don’t level up with you (whereas a warrior’s damage output does), you wind up stuck with weaker spells that can’t compete.

Fixing these issues will ensure the Elder Scrolls VI stays fun and adrenaline-pumping far into the late stages of the game.

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