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elder scrolls 6
Angry he'll be outdone.

5. Better Character and Movement Animation

"Now with 50% more bloodspray!"

Bethesda, you’ve come a long way since the days of Oblivion and Fallout 3. Where running models looked like janky wooden puppets with stiff joints. But boy oh boy is there room for improvement.

Walk and run cycles have improved drastically. But actions during cutscenes, confused half turns, unsure pathfinding, and mismatched lip syncing jolt you right out of the moment. When you’re ducked over your computer, fully immersed in fighting dragons, awkward animation during what should be an epic moment damages the experience.

At least dragons look absolutely amazing! Well, so long as you don’t fight them from horseback. Running into them slides them across the plains of Skyrim like a deadly game of air hockey.

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