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4. Dynamic Factions That Impact the World

"Maybe we should try pointing the trebuchets at the city?"

The conflict between the Stormcloaks and Imperial Legion in Skyrim was a step in the right direction, but the dynamic wasn’t deep enough to breathe life into the world around you. Faction interaction creates a sense of intrigue that makes us want to splash around in the world’s politics and make ripples. Choosing sides, influencing the influential, and ultimately deciding who’s in power should shape the world in marvelous ways.

All factions in the next Elder Scrolls game should have a relationship with each other, be it good or ill. Similar to the Houses of Morrowind, the groups you can join should be limited by these relationships. For example, you can’t join two rival guilds. Joining one makes an enemy out of the other.

Den of thieves and ninja turtles.

But this should go beyond just the Stormcloacks and Imperials. Imagine assassins of the Dark Brotherhood facing off against the Fighters Guild (or a new lawful faction). Vampires or werewolves fighting tooth and nail against a hunters guild. A prince and a princess competing for the throne of their fallen father—the person you choose to support decides the next ruler.

Guild skill requirements would further specialize your character. After all, an orc barbarian probably shouldn’t be able to bash his way to the Arch-Mage rank in the Mages Guild. It doesn’t make sense for you to be able to join every guild. And an interwoven dynamic between the many organizations vying for power creates a malleable world you can mess with like silly putty.

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