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3. Stories with Complex Characters That Have Their Own Personality and Motivations

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While exploration, combat, and quests are important, nothing will pull you into an RPG’s story like good characters. Characters we relate to, admire, and enjoy getting to know. While Skyrim has plenty of interesting folk and a plethora of companions to choose from, its story lacks deep characters.

The closest we got to dynamic characters was during the Thieves Guild questline and Serana in the Dawnguard DLC. When a quest’s story is spurned by a character’s motivations, we find ourselves that much more invested in the conflict. When we empathize with what’s happening, such as Serana’s struggle with her parents and desire to stop her father, it makes us want to involve ourselves and commit to the quest. Not just tick off another quest completion on the checklist.

Characters with depth, personality, and relatable motivations will undoubtedly make the story in the next Elder Scrolls game a compelling treat.  

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