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elder scrolls 6
Angry he'll be outdone.

2. A Survival Mode That Requires Players Eat, Sleep, and Rest

Ripe for the harvest that no one will get to enjoy.

Why is there so much delicious food in Skyrim if eating is utterly pointless? How can even the dragonborn travel and fight for days, weeks, months on end without rest? If Skyrim's blizzarding wilderness is so treacherous, why are we able to climb mountains and swim in frozen waters while stark naked?

A system where you have to take care of your needs would add another layer of realism. Hunting and foraging for food in the wilds. Preparing for harsh weather conditions. Camping to rest and warm yourself by the fire. It's a survivor's dream.

All video games require a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. And not everyone wants to worry about having to tke care of their needs. But having the option for a realistic hardcore mode in an Elder Scrolls game is a long time coming.

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