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Angry he'll be outdone.

1. A World That's Shaped by Player Choice and Action

"What a pretty city... Let's mess with it."

Imagine a sleepy town in the middle of a forest. A trader named Stan sells goods at the market. Everybody loves Stan. He’s good natured, he’s improved the local economy, and he brings sweet rolls for the children.

One day, you decide to stab Stan in the face.

What do you think would happen to the town after that? Would everyone just go about their day to day? As though Stan never existed to begin with?

In Skyrim, yeah. That’s pretty much what would happen.

But in a reactive world, the locals would mourn Stan’s untimely demise. The economy would change. The market dynamic would shift. The children would complain about not getting sweet rolls anymore.  

You can shift Ulfric from one throne to another, but that's only scratching the surface.

The Elder Scrolls VI should allow us to affect the world with our actions. Killing or helping influential people should incite gossip or, in Stan’s cause, spur gameplay changes. If a new ruler comes into power in a city, the area should morph accordingly. From the aesthetics, such as flags, symbols, and guards, to dialogue—both key and insignificant.

The factions you join, the people you kill, the characters you help, even your moral alignment—it should all affect how the world reacts to you. If you’re a hero, people will sing your praises. If you’ve caused trouble, they’ll flee, refuse service, or fling disgusted comments your way.

Convicted thieves will be shooed. Murderers will be shunned. Unless, of course, nobody catches you.

If the world responds to your playstyle and choices, it’ll launch the character you’re role-playing straight from your imagination into the game's reality. The world will develop differently in every playstyle. And you’ll never tire of pulling and cutting strings of fate to see what happens next.

There's little doubt The Elder Scrolls VI will be an amazing game. What new or upgraded features do you want to see in Bethesda's next installment? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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