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Elder Scrolls 6. Argonia? Hammerfell? Valenwood? BS? Whatever. Just bring it out already.
Getting crazy over Argonia? Go nuts with our predictions.

7. Spells to conjure

Sheogorath’s quest in Oblivion. It’s literally raining cats and dogs.

Fire, ice, and electric bolts – the staple magic spells of almost every game in history. Sure they do lots of damage, but they’re just boring. Maybe that’s one reason some players opt for a more personal, hand-to-hand approach in dealing with threats.

Elder Scrolls 6 will reinvigorate the school of magic by adding more devastating spells in its repertoire. Cast earth magic that can move boulders to your advantage or form ground fissures to stagger armies to the ground, or invoke nature-altering spells like the Storm Call shout in Skyrim and cause damaging flood in the targeted area. These types of spells not only make the mage types more interesting to play but also make the game more visually gratifying.

Even crazier, there will be a super-secret scroll deep in the mountains that will allow you to hail forth a rain of flaming dogs just like what Sheogorath did in a quest in Oblivion.

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