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Elder Scrolls 6. Argonia? Hammerfell? Valenwood? BS? Whatever. Just bring it out already.
Getting crazy over Argonia? Go nuts with our predictions.

1. Release date

Looking towards a better future. You better give us one Elder Scrolls 6.

Rumors say the next game will be released on March 15, 2016. I say it will be later than that.

With the teaser and screenshots for Fallout 4 released, it means it’s just around the corner. Bethesda is wise enough to milk the game with DLCs and expansion packs for at least a year, meaning they will not be releasing the next Elder Scrolls game within a year after Fallout 4. Contrary to the rumors, I’d say the soonest will be on December of 2016 and latest will be on June of 2017.

What are your craziest predictions for the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6? Share them with us by commenting in the section below.

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