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Elite Dangerous: Review and Gameplay
Blasting Enemies in Space


Imperial clipper

One of the sleeker ships on offer.

Elite Dangerous is a game that is both difficult to recommend, and impossible not to. When I have recommended this game to friends in the past, I have often found that I talk a lot more about what the game is going to be, rather than what it is right now. In a lot of ways, Elite Dangerous feels like an “early access” title. Yes, it is extremely polished, the combat is fun and satisfying, and it is beautiful to behold, but it is also a game sorely needs deeper, more varied missions, and more reasons for players to interact cooperatively or competitively.

Space station

Yes, that is a flying space station.

So why am I optimistic about the game’s future? Because Frontier Developments have not only demonstrated their passion and commitment to the project, but also the ability and determination to ensure that the content and features they do implement are rock-solid. I am confident, then, that with the addition of inter-faction warfare, story-driven missions/events, and planetary flight, the skeleton that is Elite Dangerous right now will eventually be an entirely different beast.

Final score: 8/10

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