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8) Vivid Fallout – Landscapes by Hein84

now with 100% more sharp edges

Fallout 4 is a massive visual improvement over past entries in the franchise, but even so some of the textures look… blah.  Hein84 fixes that with Vivid Fallout – Landscapes, a mod that replaces a large amount of landscape textures with new, high resolution images that make the world feel real.  In addition to replacing old textures, it also adds new textures to increase the visual variety of the in-game terrain.

Even if your computer can’t handle the high-res textures, this mod can still improve your game, with optional low-res textures that improve upon the appearance of the original textures without needing a stronger computer.

Vivid Fallout – Landscapes can be found here.

Youtuber CHABAL compares the vanilla textures with the modded ones in this video.

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