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Worn, torn, and ready for more.

5. Mines, Grenades, and Mini Nukes Galore

Nuclear explosions may’ve been what destroyed the world in the first place, but that doesn’t stop its survivors from lobbing grenades and mini nukes every chance they get. And with the view of beautiful orange clouds and smoke billowing in HD as your enemies are blown to pieces, who can blame them? Explosive weapons add a hazardous layer to combat that keeps us on our toes—and the toes of our enemies 50 feet in the sky.

Further ravishing the environment.

There are many different explosive types you can employ. When enemies are grouped up like a gaggle of geese, you can chuck a molotov cocktail or grenade and wipe em all out at once. For bigger, tougher opponents, a mini nuke should make a few chinks in their staggering health bar.

Mines are useful for more tactical fighters. They can be laid out as traps to trip up troublesome foes. So the next time someone like Skinny Malone and his girl Darla charge you with SMGs blazing and baseball bats whacking, lay a mine at their feet and watch the now headless gang cartwheel through the air.

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